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Antibacterial Antimicrobial & Water Repellent Textiles Fabric

Antimicrobial fabric, what is it? What’s it made of? Why is it effective? What do you need to know about this specialty fabric and why is it great for use in so many products?

Antimicrobials and Fabrics

Microorganisms “include bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi, like mold and mildew.” Antimicrobial products are common in medical facilities and are used in textiles. At first, it might seem strange that antimicrobials are found in fabrics, but the truth is, without this layer of protection, many fabric products would succumb to contamination and have to be discarded. Here are is a quick list of where you might find an antimicrobial fabrics.

  • Medical bedding
  • Medical curtains
  • Uniforms – military, hospital, and more.

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