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Grey Markin Cloth

Grey Markin Grey Cloth

Grey Markin Fabric

We provide wide variety of Grey Marking Cloth based on buyers requirement. We develop vast variety of Grey Markin Cloth which is used in various purpose. We manufacture grey marking or grey fabric for process use in order to make interlining fabric.

The grey markin is made of

  • Cotton by Cotton combination
  • polyster viscose or PC x Cotton combination
  • Roto x Cotton combination.
  • Roto x Dyed cotton.

The Grey Markin is available in different width like 38 inches, 40 inches, 42 inches, 44 inches, 45 inches, 46 inches and upto 62 inches based on requirement.

We also deal in Cambric fabric which is made of cotton x cotton combination which is sold in bulk quantity in Pali – Rajasthan.

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